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Project Planning

A project in education is always a special activity designed for a defined group of people and planned to take place during a specified time frame.
A project could take place during a class in school, in the form of a workshop or at an institution outside of school.

Important prerequisites for a successful realization are:

  • Projectidea and goals
  • Knowing your target group
  • Specifying the time frame
  • Knowing organizational conditions
  • Checking the financial frame

Projects with national support

On a national level projects in education are usually sponsored by local investors, trusts, industrial associations and political institutions.

  • Trusts (i.e. Bosch Stiftung)
  • Industrial associations (i.e. VCI)
  • Political institutions (i.e. Governmental Department)
  • Local sponsors (i.e. industrial company)

International Projects

On an international level project in education are usually supported by political institutions (Life Long Learning program of the European Union), competitions (Thinkquest) or trusts (ASEF).