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Insbesondere dürfen Nachdrucke, öffentliches Zugänglichmachen, z.B. durch Aufnahme in fremde Internetangebote und Online-Dienste, sowie Vervielfältigungen auf Datenträger aller Art, auch auszugsweise, nur nach vorheriger schriftlicher Zustimmung durch die Projektleitung erfolgen.

eLPS-edu haftet nicht für unverlangt übermittelte Inhalte, Manuskripte, Fotos etc.

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Privacy Policy

We only use your personal data to run and develop this website. Your personal data is processed in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. When subcontractors are used even they follow the rules of the GDPR and this privacy policy. Your personal data is not transferred to a third party.

The administrator of your personal data is:

Dr. Jürgen Ganzer
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You have the right to get information about your stored data, to correct wrong data, and to delete all your data.
You have the right to opt-out the processing of your data.
You have the right to receive your data in a transferrable format.

In order to make the website work properly we collect the following informtation when you visit our website:

Type, language and version of your webbrowsers, Operativesystem, IP adress, date & time, HTTP-status, visited content and transferred datavolume, the website you came from before visiting our website.
This data is stored in logfiles on our servers. This data is not combined or stored toghether with other personal data. This data is deleted every time the session finishes, e.g.when you close your webbrowser.

Furthermore, this website uses cookies. Cookies are needed to enable certain functions of this website. Cookies are small textfiles that are stored on your computer/tablet/smartphone. Cookies that only are needed during one session are deleted when the session ends (Session Cookies). Persistent cookies store data according to a predefined period of time. When this time runs out these cookies are automatically deleted.
You can disable the use of Cookies in your webbrowsers settings.

If you contact us via email or a contact form, your personal data will be stored only for the purpose of the subject you submitted. If the submitted information is part of a negotiation or a contract this information may be permanently stored in our systems.

The Contact form uses reCAPTCHA in order to reduce Spam Mail. reCAPTCHA is a servie provided by Google and it uses its own Cookies. You can find more information the actual privacy policy here: