About eLPS-edu

eLPS-edu stands for eLearning Project Support in Education. Our main focus is to offer support for successful realization and management of educational projects that incorporate e-learning methods on national or international levels.

eLPS-edu follows the guidelines of "Erasmus+", a program of the European Union. Additionally, we have combined the program with all options of national German and international projects. We draw from an extensive wealth of experience due to our longstanding successful support of national and international projects.f

Our qualifications

Dr. Jürgen Ganzer, CEO and Project Consultant
Qualification: Longstanding working experience as teacher (Biology/Chemistry/Multimedia) and member of the School Board of a secondary school (Gymnasium), coordinating Project Manager of a number of national and international projects and competitions, advanced training for teachers
Focus: Projects in education, Biology of learning, eLearning

Rolf Eggersglüß, Consultant for equipment and computer systems
Qualification: Computer Scientist, Multimedia Assistant at a secondary school (Gymnasium)
Focus: Interactive workstations for students and classrooms


  • Comenius-Regio-Project "Fit for Life"
  • Comenius-Regio-Projekt "ISATT"
  • Comenius school projects
  • eTwinning-Projekt "The living water"
  • Chemieprojekt " Moleküle verbinden"
  • Ökologieprojekt "Natur - Kultur"